Activity 3 – SBC8

During this challenge, commenting was the only fun thing we had to do. Not only did using a good commenting method get me a couple of new friends, but it was also fun hearing what others thought, enjoyed, or hated about a post. Commenting is fun because it helps us see different points from ours. […]


In technology class we did a project called Genius Hour. We were supposed to briefly research on a topic and then present our research to our peers. What topic did you research in Genius Hour? For this project I chose the topic of school, What was your Research Question? My research question was “Our Educational System V.S […]


Today I left a comment on four lucky people’s posts. I left a comment on this post because I thought she was really cool. I like the way she structured her post, plus, she had the same interests as me. (Hey Eliana, I really like how smooth you started introducing yourself on this page. […]

Night and gloomy. AC3

#17stubc #isdDC9 It was a very gloomy and cloudy night. It was almost 6am when Jack opened his eyes and found himself sitting in a hot tub. All his friends worriedly stared at him sitting around in a cold tub. There was white powder all over the multiple girls’ nose in the tub. The girl […]