Why I despise school.?!

Since the first day I have never liked her. I remember my mom forcefully pulling my hand to sign my freedom away, forever. on that day, I knew it would never be the same as before. Full of tears, she dragged me to the directors office as I rebelled with every muscle that I had. I was running and crawling in all directions trying to escape from her, I cried, cried, and cried. I was only five years old but I still knew I didn’t want to marry her. I was little but I still knew what my fate was after meeting her. She is a drug, that worst drug that no one wants to take but everyone is forced to take it. Weird right! It is not addictive at all, but more of the opposite. School, she stayed in my life, dreams, and nightmares since that day. Since that day, I have regretted every single second of that marriage.

She made all the previous generations think that she was amazing. She seduced them into thinking that she was perfect. As dumb as one can be, they let her in, they gave her the permission to own our lives. It has been about a hundred years and guess what? we haven’t changed or replaced her. She still messes with our lives. We see all her negative defects but ignore them. We haven’t signed the divorce in order to be free again. And we will never have the courage to admit that it wasn’t true love. We will never admit that we were stupid enough for thinking that she could keep us company. She lied.

School is amazing but the system in which we are taught in today is pitifully horrible. I like the idea of socialising and becoming creative at school. I love the fact that schools make you realise who you are in this world. I personally don’t get bad grades in my school, however, I still can’t stand the fact that we are forced into a system in which was used a hundred years ago. Don’t get me wrong, the problem isn’t how long it has been around, the problem is that it is not getting improved. This is not a secret at all, the whole world is aware of this issue. However things are not going to change if there are not enough voices.

I am hopping that this challenge is going to help me spread this message because I know that there are several people people out there that agree with me. I want this to become a bigger than it seems. I want to have interactions with mentors and other teachers around the World to find out their opinion and ideas. THIS DREAM CAN ONLY BECOME A REALITY BY THE HELP OF MRS. W. WE WOULD DEEPLY APPRECIATE ANY HELP THAT INVOLVES SPREADING THIS MESSAGE AROUND,THANK YOU.


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  1. Hi, my name is Hannah, and I fully agree with you. I think that they need to improve our schools. At my school, they give us so much homework, and when i’m older i’m gonna be a dairy farmer, so I don’t need half of this stuff we are learning! Go check out my blog http://hgols.edublogs.org/


  2. Hi, I really like how you wrote your article. I liked how you argued your point and how you made points about how school isn’t the best. I don’t think I agree with everything you said but I think it was a well-written blog. You can visit my blog too at:

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